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Westenergie Sporthalle
An den Sportstätten 6
45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr

House rules

Extract from the house rules of the Westenergie sports hall

Bringing food and beverages into the hall is not permitted. 

From the opening of the hall until the end of the event, various gastronomic services are available for purchase. The stewards are required to carry out random checks at the entrance and during the event. Athletes are permitted to bring and consume their own food and beverages before and during the competitions. Accompanying persons are expressly excluded from this.

The following items are prohibited:

Weapons, gas spray bottles, corrosive or coloring substances or pressurized containers for easily flammable or harmful gases, except for pocket lighters and hairspray. Containers made of fragile or splintering material. Fireworks, rockets, Bengal fires, smoke powder, flares and other pyrotechnic devices. Mechanically and electrically operated noise instruments. Racist, xenophobic and radical propaganda material. Sound or image recording devices for the purpose of commercial use (unless appropriate consent has been obtained from the organizer).

Animals are not allowed in the Westenergie sports hall. Assistance dogs are exempt from this rule.

Dress code

We ask that you respect the dress code provided.

Morning events: Casual
Casual dress without strict rules and regulations

World Championship – Seat Parquet: Business
Men wear suit or trousers with a dress shirt, tie and well-groomed shoes.
Ladies have a choice of skirt, dress, pantsuit or pantaloons.

World Championship – Seat Grandstand: Casual Chic
The more chic everyday attire made of nicely processed textiles and materials.